“Madea’s Witness Protection”, more plot please…

I am a huge supporter of Tyler Perry! If he is in a movie, I’ve seen it. If he is the writer, producer, director, I’m with it! So when I heard that “Madea’s Witness Protection” was coming out I was stupid excited. The movie has a nice cast line-up. Eugene Levy plays George Needleman, the easy target executive that was promoted for no apparent reason but to take the fall on a ponzi scheme for the corporation. Denise Richards plays Kate Needleman, George’s wife who is your typical suburban wife. She was hyped about the promotion when he got it but now just wish they had a regular life and lived happily. They have two children together Cindy (Danielle Campbell) and Howie (Devon Leos).  Howie is the over-weight, awkward, neglected son and Cindy is the snobby daughter with issues. Every time Cindy opens her mouth I cringe because I know she is about to say something that is going to make me want to punch her dead in her throat. (Her character was so disrespectful that I felt Madea’s pain with having that child in her house). When the ponzi scheme hits the fan the Malone mafia family is involved.  This means whoever helps the district attorney on the case will be a sure target by the end of the court trials. Tyler Perry plays multiple characters of course and as Brian the district attorney on the case it is his duty to find a place for the family to hide out in witness protection for a few months until they fully investigate the case. At first Madea and Joe (Tyler Perry) are like hell no! When Brian starts talking dollar signs then she and Joe change their mind. Now, I know you think I have forgotten about someone but I have not.

We are introduced to Romeo Miller’s character Jake in one of the first scenes of the movie. From the movies trailer you already know that he tried to rob Madea! What did he try to do that for? Madea flipped him all over the car with her wild driving antics and in old school Madea fashion by the time she was done with him he was sweeping off her porch. (His acting in the movie was a bit extra for my taste, his movements looked practiced. I am used to his characters being smoother and laid back. I commend him for trying something new but ummmm next time keep it sexy. Take your shirt off and smile that beautiful smile. Yeah that last comment is a little sexist but you know it’s the truth). Jake and George both have been played in the ponzi scheme. Jake invests his father’s church mortgage money into the bogus company’s charity division. He thought he would help the church and prove to his father he was a better man. He was tricked out of over 100,000.oo dollars and he wants his money back. Jake has the most awkward and staged tussle with George at Brian’s office. (I just had to say that, bad acting by Romeo I presume).  The Needleman family living with Madea is all kinds of funny. There are many moments of Madea checking the family and it wouldn’t be a Madea movie without her brother Joe cracking jokes at her. Joe has a lot more to say this film as he and George Needlemans mom, Hattie (Marla Gibbs) have a past that is a bit freaky and romantic at the same damn time.

I would have liked to see the Malone mob family show up at Madea’s house looking for George or something to shake things up a bit. I would have liked to see how Madea would’ve responded in the worst case scenario. It was over all a very entertaining evening at the movies and I would see the movie again. I left the theater feeling like the plot was incomplete and wanting more! Was that Tyler Perry’s intention… things that make you go hmmmm? “Madea’s Witness Protection”, is a Lions Gate film and directed by Tyler Perry, rated  PG-13.


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