Grown Woman Body

Grown Woman Body

I feel like I literally woke up in someone else’s body one magical day. I look in the mirror and I do not recognize the woman in front of me. I know who I am, I am looking at myself and yes, it is me but where did this body come from? One minute I was this high school kid wishing I had bigger breasts, a rounder ass and hips that the boys looked at and the next I have all of that and a little bit more.  Believe it or not at one point in life I was a little timid. They say that she get it from her mama and it is true. After time you will get it… lol.

*Note- I do think that size and shape has to do with genetics. Some women are naturally thin, some women are naturally curvy and some have to work to get the body they want. There are some that do not work and opt to pay for it. (To each her own, aint nobody mad but the devil.)

A grown woman body is not fat or skinny it is the moment you realize you have come of age and you have the body you will grow old with. To be in shape or not to be in shape is a personal choice.

I wasn’t the girl that was the most desired growing up. I went through a for real awkward phase and have the pictures to prove it. I was the girl that dudes would most likely befriend and then ask how could they hook up with my home girl. I was the girl dudes would confide in about the girl they wished they had. I used to question myself, like damn am I invisible? Why do the boys always over look me. I’d like to think that my intellect has always been the sexiest part of me, no you can not see it physically but but once I open my mouth the guys saw me in a different light— at least this thought process made me feel better.

Fast forward to now, my metabolism is not like it used to be and I am one of those women that has to stay active and work out or I will be uncomfortable in my own skin. To have a grown woman body is not just about the shape but more so about the mentality. There is a new confidence that women get when they no longer view themselves as under developed. What I have learned through my own life experiences is when I realized I had my grown woman body I started to hold my heard higher. I had a extra twist in my hips, in my walk because I knew people were looking and I wanted them too. Physically, I do personally feel more attractive with my grown woman curves.

*Close your eyes-  (This is for my ladies) Do you remember the first time you put on a sexy dress? You looked in that mirror and and posed and thought damn she is sexy and she is doing it. The moment you realize that you would choose you. I want me.

That moment has nothing to do with the dress or having your hair done, or the perfect make-up. It is about the woman staring out at herself and her self esteem and self growth.  It is really about you putting on confidence because you are comfortable with you. That is what having a grown woman body is really about. It is about a mindset shift that come along with having this new body that you have to learn to live with. You control your body not your body control you. Just because you have the body does not mean you have to show every piece of it. Wear the skin you are in tastefully.

I have a body BUT I have the mind to embrace this new body and that’s what it is really about. You only have one body, treat it good. You only have one mind, take care of it.

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