Sometimes life gets crazy. Sometimes you can control what is happening in your life and other times life is beyond your control. I don’t know about you but I like being in control and when I am not I feel all out of sorts. I have experienced my set of challenges and one thing that comes to mind is a few things that my mentor has taught me. Have a good attitude and use wisdom in all things that I do… even in my foolishness, yep I said that… (that is a blog for another day).  This same wisdom has been reinforced by my support system. They may not say it like my Mentor or Pastor would but the translation is clear.

Let me take you back for a moment.

When I was a kid there were times when adults would say, “you have a bad attitude”. That would really get under my skin. It bothered me the most because I seriously always felt that I didn’t have a attitude. I may not have liked something and didn’t respond they way they wanted me to but that did not mean my attitude was bad. I feel like grown folks like to say things like that to kids when the kids do not fit in a box. (Let me be clear some kids do have a bad attitude but not all.. you have to know the difference.)I know for myself I have always been a very outspoken kid and adult. With that being said, because I was always told to check my attitude or watch my attitude as a kid,  I am mindful of how I react to situations now as a grown ass woman.

Nori Moment 1: With some of my friends,  I can be dead serious about something that I am saying to them and they think that I am being sarcastic or that I am not interested in what they are saying and that is really wild to me. It makes me laugh because they think that I am not empathetic but I really am…

Nori Moment 2: I suppose I received a dose of my own medicine because I recently was in a vulnerable situation and I shared something that happened to me and the person I told burst out laughing. It slick hurt my feelings. In retrospect it was funny but when that shit happened I didn’t think it was funny and I got off the phone quick… HAAAAAAA!!!! I am sensitive about my ish… the person absolutely meant no harm. I don’t know about you but when it comes to my loved ones we are very transparent so I am able to tell them how I feel no matter if it is good or bad. By the second conversation we laughed at my being mad in the first place… I love my girl!

Back to what I was saying…

Truth be told I know I can have a smart mouth but I have been taught be thoughtful and to think twice and think again when I am talking to people and when I am processing any given situation. Sometime’s things do not require a response and that can be the hardest thing, when you know there so much more you can say and you decided to let that mess go and leave it alone. Whew chile… I have bit my tongue a few times in these last few weeks. Speaking of attitude this is when my attitude has had to be tamed the most and I have had to really trust God and think through how I handle the most difficult issues I have been faced with.

What I will say is that the power of prayer is EVERYTHING and in this time of need for me I have been praying and talking to God about how I feel about what is happening. I have been actionable and my steps are ordered. I will say to anyone that no matter what you are going through in your life have a ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE!!!!! I know it may sound cliche or cheesy but I tell you the truth it is the best thing when your life is spiraling. In all things acknowledge God first. My source is God and I go to him in the name of Jesus Christ. I know that all things work for my good and I will be thankful for all the things that happens in my life because there is a lesson to be learned. I encourage everyone to have a good attitude and use wisdom in your life. It could save your life!

Wisdom: To know what to do with what you know. (Read again slowly and really process it.)

Faith: The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Actions motivated by a belief and sustained by confidence.

Attitude: a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior

Gratitude: the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful

Never forget, there must be barriers in order for us to be over comers! Be a conquer of obstacles. I want to see everyone win, win, win, win. * in my Jay Rock voice!



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