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[New Music] RUBEN YOUNG ft. Hodgy – RACHEL GREEN


I check my email and I see that there is a new artist I need to check out! First thought, who is Ruben Young? Second thought, I will take a listen…

What is the worst that could happen?

Apparently, as a youth Ruben Young had a huge crush on Rachel Green (Friends) so much that he decided to write a song about it. I can dig it. What I didn’t expect is for this record to have a lil bounce and be so catchy.  Listen for yourself. I like this record. I like his sound a lot!

Ruben Young is a soulful singer songwriter. He has signature soulful raspy timbre and modern soul- crooner vibes. The new single “Rachel Green”, which is a nostalgic summer jam named after Jennifer Aniston’s iconic character from “Friends”, and features Hodgy from hip hop collective’s Odd Future.

Just in case you want to watch the entire video…

After listening to the new single, I decided to explore his Instagram page…  See below!



SoulBounce.com did a dope write-up!

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