#DerrickJaxn Cheaters Gonna Cheat

It is official, I have been triggered. I am so over this clown Derrick Jaxn and the way he just used his wife as a prop. It is really none of my business but here I am sharing my thoughts. I had time today. I am just disgusted that #DerrickJaxn had his wife out here looking all kinds of foolish so he can now sell his new book. I am not promoting anything he has going on but here is my take on his cheating controversy. I took it personal and my heart goes out to #DaNaiaJackson, I know this is not easy for her.


She seems like a sweet woman that wants to keep her family together. I pray for the best… Time will tell all!

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  • Shay says:

    Nori, you thoroughly conveyed my thoughts on the Jaxen saga. There’s not much more to be said other than yes Sis, that’s right! My thoughts are with his wife. She needs to be healed by herself first before they can heal together, pun intended. Thanks for all you do!❤️

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