Interview: Kissie Lee

R&B princess Kissie Lee along with rapper LightSkin Keisha unbridled their dominatrix association ‘Sheesh’ March 2021. Mr. Hanky the super-producer who has produced songs for renowned artists like Lil Wayne, Travis Porter, and OT Genius, is behind the production of this rocking music ‘Sheesh’. The voluptuous vocals of Kissie along with the magic of Keisha’s words will make people fall in love with this track.

Kissie Lee is an emerging musician and Black woman role model with a unique story to tell. She is performed her latest hits on the Digital Love stage at SXSW Online.

Born in Germany and raised in Denver, CO, Kissie Lee has an uncanny story. A military brat, she uses her platform to support women and help combat sex-trafficking. Spurred by a dicey Uber incident, she is dedicated to creating social change and has even created a group for women to connect, support, and keep each other safe, all while juggling her R&B music career and raising her daughter.

She’s made a name for herself collaborating with Sammie, Natasha Mosely, KeKe Wyatt, Kid Major, Lil Scrappy, and many more. Not to mention, she has written for Jacob Latimore, Jacquees, Tiny Harris, and the OMG Girlz. She continues to grow exponentially!!!

Check out her interview below and be sure to leave a comment.


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