Interview: R&B Sensation T-Royal

Sexy, with a laid-back tempo, lyrically “Mine” touches on a man telling a woman how he wants to make love to her all while he claims what’s rightfully his!
“Mine” chronicles passionate lovemaking, and the track will surely speak to the lover in you. TRoyal soulfully boasts his confidence in knowing his lady belongs to him all while explaining how he plans to put it down.
Marking a musical shift, TRoyal explains the inspiration behind the song.
“The inspiration behind “Mine” came from a female friend that was involved in a relationship that went wrong. With me knowing her qualities, and with me keeping our relationship strictly friends, it gave me more motivation to own what was mistreated,” said TRoyal.
Hailing from Atlanta, TRoyal has established himself as a truly talented R&B singer as his vocal ability, range, authenticity, unique sound and technique are on constant display. While winning fans over with classic R&B covers, TRoyal also earned the respect and praise of R&B veterans and legends such as Tevin CampbellLaTocha ScottTamar BraxtonJagged Edge and more.
As his star continues to rise, expect to hear a lot more from TRoyal!
Born Tavarius Royalston, TRoyal is an R&B singer born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His love for music began at the age of eight as he began working on singing, rapping and songwriting as a child. Known for his distinctive tone, unique approach to R&B, distinctive southern flair, and his eye-catching tattoos, it’s easy to understand how the young crooner has been able to create his own lane. The emerging artist has shared the stage with R&B legends and veterans such as Keith SweatAnthony Hamilton and Jagged Edge.
TRoyal has also caught the attention of notable figures and music industry heavy-hitters such as Jermaine DupriBryan Michael CoxElla MaiQueen NaijaTamar BraxtonNene Leakes and more. His previous performances were a strong foundation for him being selected to perform at Jagged Edge’s 25th year anniversary concert. With his distinctive sound and heartfelt lyrics, fans have dubbed him Atlanta’s newest R&B sensation. He’s carved out his own lane, and given his talent, he will continue to soar to new heights.
Although gifted and wise,  as a dedicated student of music, he is always eager to learn new things as he continues to thrive. With his music, he hopes to spread love and real R&B to the world. He has amassed millions of views showcasing his vocal talent on Instagram and TikTok through covering classics. With this momentum, TRoyal is definitely the next big R&B superstar.
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