Favor Ain’t Fair

Favor Ain’t Fair

Have you ever looked at someones life up close; not this made up social media life but someones real life your associates/friends/relatives and thought my goodness this person is winning. It seems they are liked by the majority, people want to be around them and they are just always happy.  More often than not when this person faces challenges they are optimistic rather than pessimistic. The truth is there are some who attract favor from the right people. I can’t explain it any other way. In short they are blessed. They are in a state of well being.

The gag is this “favored” person isn’t doing anything but being their self. This person is being their authentic self. They are likely persistent and determined or willing to change their mind. They give off good energy and are sending out good vibrations. They know that aligning themselves with the right people will benefit their life and they are likely selective of the company they keep. This person that receives favor shows honor and respect to those in authority.

No, their life is not perfect nor are favored people perfect but they are liked and possibly loved by the right one(s). It is not about who the person is but what the person giving the favor see in that person that makes the difference. You or I may look at the person and think they are the last person we would help or pay attention to but someone else sees them as a jewel, asset or just plainly want to lend a helping hand. Most people with vision know the importance of investing in people. The investment in the person is solely based on the person giving the favor. Favor is not guaranteed and it can be taken away. Don’t sabotage your own favor. Appreciate your favor and be grateful.

Be smart and have insight, be aware when you see favor and when you have favor. If you are asking yourself what is favor, let me break it down for you. Favor is when you have the approval or support of someone. That approval or support can be expressed and shown in many different ways: money, gift, deed, time, etc.

For those that have favor embrace it.

For those that do not have favor just know that favor ain’t fair.

DISCLAIMER: Favor is not always given to the person excelling in life. Sometimes favor is given to the person who is the lowest on the totem poll so they have a chance to advance. Sometimes favor is given to an ex-offender to have a second chance. My point is favor comes in all ways, shapes, forms and sizes and it is up to the giver to dispense their favor however they see fit.  Favor is not based on the person being good, bad or indifferent it is just based on individual choice and preference.

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