In my adolescents I was being groomed and trained by the adults in my life.

In my teens I was finding myself.

In my 20’s I was learning discipline and responsibilities.


When one of my closest friends turned 30 I told her that she was in the prime of her life and that her 30’s would be the best time of her life. Mind you, I am only a year older than her but I was confident that she was about to embark on years that would be the most rewarding. I stick by those words. The truth is in your 20’s you are still wet behind the ears. Yes, you are doing things that you have never done before, might be going places you have never been but by the time you’re 30 you have lived a little. When you are in your 30’s you have now lived long enough to reflect.

You are at a place in life of knowing what you will and will not tolerate. You are now aquatinted with your likes and dislikes. You are not afraid to let people know who you are. There comes a time in your life when you are not wiling to compromise your morals or your principals. You are confident! You are wiser! You are stronger!

I am not saying that mistakes will not be made because they will but you are definitely not falling for the same old tricks or you shouldn’t be… *side eye if you are. By the time you are in your 30’s being by yourself is needed. You need personal space and time to be with your own thoughts. It is not all about the turn up. Don’t get it twisted the turn up still goes down but only after you have handled your business, paid yourself and your bills. Now, plans and goals are wrote down and are being executed. By the time you are in your 30’s you are a little more set in your ways (flexible but grounded).  You also know that you are never to old to learn and grow. There is no more fronting. You are a grown ass individual and got stuff to do. Time is of the essence and you have none to waste on meaningless or frivolous engagements.

This is when decisions are made and careers are manifested.

This is when you shut up and grind or get left behind.

This is when you re-evaluate the people you are surrounding yourself with.

This is when getting to know someone is not just something to do but about being with your life partner or being content with being single/dating.

This is when you understand why patience is a virtue.

This is when you converse with friends and discover hidden truths with no judgement but understanding.

This is when you know that a mistake is a temporary set back and that you will overcome and seize the new day.

This is when prayer is not just a habitual act but a request to the Lord above from your deepest and most private thoughts for guidance, goodness and mercy.

This happens when you are thirty-something.

…but don’t get it twisted, I hear those 40’s are grand!

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