10 Tips For Living Your Best Life

10 Tips For Living Your Best Life

Dear Friend,

I recently, moved to Washington, DC and I am enjoying myself. There are people who look like me and who talk like me that are hella successful. I love seeing brown people in positions of power. It motivates me to go harder everyday. I am a pretty extroverted person so I don’t meet strangers. I have been told by several friends that I am glowing and look like I am living my best life. The truth is I AM…

I am not enjoying life more because I moved; but I am enjoying life more because I let a lot of mental baggage go when I moved. I just let it go. I’m seeing new people, places, things and it’s been refreshing to me. I miss home. I miss my family. I miss my friends but I have no regrets about leaving. I am starting over and paving my own lane in a new place and it is quite the adventure. I’ve put together a list of what my life is rooted in and I hope this helps those on their current and new journeys in life.

  1. Personal Relationship with GOD – This is my firm belief that you must believe that your life is governed by a higher power and you lean on that divine wisdom coupled with instructions from a Man of God from the Word of God. ( Wise counseling in my time of need has literally saved my life).
  2. Morning Mantra’s and or affirmations
  3. If you can’t change a situation, change your perception of it. Most stress comes from the way you respond to a any given situation.
  4. No matter how laid back and cool you are, there will always be people who don’t like you for no reason and that is okay.
  5. Happy people focus on what they have and unhappy people focus on what they are missing. Happiness is a byproduct of your mindset.
  6. Read Books/Articles (Expand your mind and never stop learning new things. I have found that reading about my craft has made me a better articulated professional).
  7. Meet new people (I know that everyone likes to scream “no new friends” but I find it healthy and quite fun and entertaining to meet new people). Everyone you meet will not become your best friend or a life long friend but that person may be what you need for the season of your life.
  8. Explore new places (Travel locally, nationally and internationally- Just GO)!
  9. It is okay to grow and change. You should not be the same person you were at 21 as you are at 31. If you are the same person and I know you we are likely no longer friends.
  10. Be humble… no matter how successful you become do not become an arrogant asshole. Be approachable and treat people the way you want to be treated.


  • Be a GIVER!!!! Give and help people as much as you can and you will get it back in multitude.
  • Last but not least FORGIVE others and forgive yourself; trust me it’s not easy but it’s worth it and you will live a happier life!

There’s so much more I could say but I hoped these tips help you along the way.

Yours Truly,

Nori Nori

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