Case of the Fake People

Dear Friend,

Beware of the posers, impostors, fakes, leaches, or whatever you want to call folks that pretend they are for you but are against you. They all up in your face but deep down don’t like you and sometimes hate you. The most commonly misused term for this type of person is “friend”. The word “friend” is used so loosely now. They are the first ones to claim they are close to you when they know they are not. They are extra and try to prove themselves when if they were who they claim to be wouldn’t have to do all of that. These people really don’t want to see you win, they are present to witness your failure. It is okay! Never be afraid to fail. Those with the most failures are the risk takers and the most successful. They are around to have a ring side seat to your downfall but end up witnessing your resurgence.

Beware of those that want something from you all the time. They are users and nothing irritates me more than a user. They are only around you for what they can get from you, they mooch and benefit from your hard work. Once you identify they want what you have and are not there for you stop catering to them. They soon move on to mooch off someone else. You have to be mindful and search people out. Those that show gratitude are the keepers. Those that are there during the hard shit in your life are the keepers. Those that remain true to their character in times of trouble are the keepers. Remember, this is a two way street. All that you want to receive from people you have to be willing to give!

Beware of those that when they become angry “say” things that they claim they didn’t mean. I’ve experienced enough times in my life to know that when people are expressing themselves in anger it is from a space of their truth. When a person’s angry they’re inhibitions are relaxed and they vent from how they have been feeling all along. It doesn’t matter how upset they claim to be or have been, it is likely they have been holding on to those emotions for a while. It doesn’t mean you can’t get past it; it just means that you should exercise caution.

I take mental notes and inventory of the people in my life. I pay close attention to how they treat me when things are going well and when they are not. I am sober minded of the individuals I let into my life. Everyone can not be a part of my inner circle. I pay attention to peoples actions, and behavior when I say NO to them. I pay attention to how people are when I check them because lets face it the people you love need to be checked sometimes. Actions will always speak louder than words. Some people are surface and will always exist in that space.

There are people that covet your life. They want what you have instead of just being happy you have it. It is unfortunate because these people are likely miserable and do not want you to be more successful than them. I am saying all of this to say that they are not your friend and if given the opportunity would gladly speak against you and or sabotage you. This person is a liar too. They just lie for no reason. They will claim they love you but don’t love you or even like you. They barely like/love themselves. This person can be your family member and or a “so called friend”. Just be watchful, sometimes you’re dealing with a case of the fake people.

Yours Truly,

Nori Nori

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