Interview: Ella Mai live from the Heart on My Sleeve Tour

On Saturday, April 8th, Ella Mai’s, “Heart on My Sleeve” Tour stopped in DC at Echo Stage. Before the show I had the opportunity to interview her. This is the second time she is headlining her own tour. I have been locked in as a fan of Ella Mai’s since 2018 and “Boo’d Up” took… Continue reading Interview: Ella Mai live from the Heart on My Sleeve Tour

Interview: Author Catrise Harris

When I interviewed Catrise Harris I immediately felt her sincerity. It takes a lot of courage to be open and transparent about cards that life has dealt. I didn’t know what to expect but I received a woman who truly has a heart for others. She has pushed through her past trauma to be a… Continue reading Interview: Author Catrise Harris

Interview: Deuce Caliber Returns With New Single “WAVES”

Recently, I spoke with Deuce Caliber about life and music. We laughed and the vibes were good as we discussed how far he’s come with his music. He is back dropping new music for you to enjoy! Check out his new single, “WAVES” it brings a cool vibe while chronicling a pretty serious subject of… Continue reading Interview: Deuce Caliber Returns With New Single “WAVES”

Interview: R&B Sensation T-Royal

Sexy, with a laid-back tempo, lyrically “Mine” touches on a man telling a woman how he wants to make love to her all while he claims what’s rightfully his!   “Mine” chronicles passionate lovemaking, and the track will surely speak to the lover in you. T–Royal soulfully boasts his confidence in knowing his lady belongs to him… Continue reading Interview: R&B Sensation T-Royal

Interview: Tamera McLaughlin, Savage Fenty Ambassador and Lifetime’s Little Women Atlanta

From the #DMV​ to the #ATL​ Tamera McLaughlin is getting to it! She joined me for a great talk about her journey to become a #SavageFentyAmbassador​ to being the newcomer on #LittleWomenAtlanta​, how she’s enjoying her growth, crushes and so much more! Watch and leave a comment! #RapidFire​ #Games​ #Comedy​ #Laugh  

EarthGang Interview

Speaking to EarthGang made my day on January 26th! I was over the moon excited but life happened and I wasn’t able to post the visuals to the interview until now. We talk the #OptionsChallenge and #SpilliageVilliage … They make music that brings joy to the culture and takes you to a happy place in… Continue reading EarthGang Interview

BRS Kash Interview

BRS Kash took us by storm with his song, “Throat Baby”, although it was a whole ass pandemic going on this was the club anthem when folks started going back out. One of my best friends introduced me to the song and after that it was on my personal playlist in heavy rotation. I wondered… Continue reading BRS Kash Interview

Black & Forth 102: Hank Jones

On this episode of Black and Forth I talk entertainment with @hankjigs. He’s a writer on Grown-ish amongst other things, tap in and listen to him drop gems about his journey and the industry. If you could write an episode for Grown-ish, what would it be about, drop it below? Per usual this is in… Continue reading Black & Forth 102: Hank Jones


I am not a victim, are you? I refuse to believe that I have to accept things that are not beneficial to my life. When I think of acceptance I think of the serenity prayer. I am praying to God daily that I do not over stress or worry about anything. Nothing on this earth… Continue reading Acceptance