Case of the Fake People

Dear Friend, Beware of the posers, impostors, fakes, leaches, or whatever you want to call folks that pretend they are for you but are against you. They all up in your face but deep down don’t like you and sometimes hate you. The most commonly misused term for this type of person is “friend”. The… Continue reading Case of the Fake People

What’s your status?

What’s your status? Do you remember the day, time, month or season the first time you decided to be intimate with that special person in your life?  Now, did you know your status? Did you know their status? The most common way that the HIV/AIDS virus is spread is through sexual intercourse and sexual activities.… Continue reading What’s your status?

Power of the “P”

Power of the “P” There is Power in having a positive mindset. You may have heard your elders say that you are what you think you are. You may have heard a preacher say this at church too. Those who are successful knew that they would be successful long before they had the money. Success… Continue reading Power of the “P”


Thirty-Something In my adolescents I was being groomed and trained by the adults in my life. In my teens I was finding myself. In my 20’s I was learning discipline and responsibilities. Now… When one of my closest friends turned 30 I told her that she was in the prime of her life and that… Continue reading Thirty-Something

Favor Ain’t Fair

Favor Ain’t Fair Have you ever looked at someones life up close; not this made up social media life but someones real life your associates/friends/relatives and thought my goodness this person is winning. It seems they are liked by the majority, people want to be around them and they are just always happy.  More often… Continue reading Favor Ain’t Fair

Square Peg, Round Hole

Square Peg, Round Hole Dear person trying to force “ISH”, I saw a quote on instagram that I couldn’t get out of my mind. It read, “If it’s not a HELL YES, it’s a NO”. For some reason this quote stayed on my mental. Just so happen in my life recently that I realized that… Continue reading Square Peg, Round Hole

Grown Woman Body

Grown Woman Body I feel like I literally woke up in someone else’s body one magical day. I look in the mirror and I do not recognize the woman in front of me. I know who I am, I am looking at myself and yes, it is me but where did this body come from?… Continue reading Grown Woman Body